Do You Love Silk?
Do You Love Surprises?
Do You Love Silken Surprises?


Lady of the Lake Silks


 Hand-dyed silk delivered right to you! 


Have a little bit of color and flair delivered right to you! ( or someone you really, really like).  Three times a year--in January, April, and July--you will receive a silk insprired by the season!  From the cool tones of winter, to the joy of spring and the full bloom of summer, the silks will be crafted to reflect the turning of the wheel.


Subscription box contents will range from our silken staples of scarves, wraps, and veils, to items that are rarely--or never--available in the shop!


Options?  Of course there are options!   You can select from two levels, two committment options, and starting with the Spring box, two payment options, too!


Mulberry     ($35 + $5 to ship)

Boxes at this level may include things like traditional silks scarves using various techniques, velvet and devore scarves, and of course occasional surprises, too!  

Cocoon          ($60 + $5 to ship)

Larger silks form the heart of this level.  Veils, petite veils, and extra large scarves are the focus, but velvets, devores, triangles, and who-knows-what will pop in from time to time! 

The value at each level will be equal to or greater than the subscription cost.  Sign up once for an ongoing subscription, or sign up for a single box every now and again (but sorry, no sneak peeks before signing up!). 


You can always change your subscription level and can cancel whenever you wish.   Finally, starting with their second box, ongoing subscribers will have the option to make just one payment or split it over two. 


Flexibility and options! What's not to love?


Subscriptions for mid-January will be limited to 12 Mulberry ($40) and just 6 Cocoon ($65) boxes and they aren't likely to last long.  


The small number will let us get the kinks worked out this first time around, so we can open the subscriptions wider starting with the April box.

Didn't get a box?  Now's not the right time?   No worries!

For info on when the mid-April box is going to be open for subscriptions, give us your email and we'll drop you a note!