Silkworm Submissions

We absolutely love seeing how you are loving your silk. Below are some of our beloved customers that #wearandshare their pieces from Lady of the Lake Silks.  Here is a selection of our lovely "silkworms" out in the world enjoying their colorful art. Check below to see how you can submit your own submissions.


We would love to see how you are enjoying your Lady of the Lake silk pieces. Please send us any photos you would like to see added up to silkworm submissions by emailing us at By submitting an entry you are giving us permission to use your photo on our website and social media. Feel free to tag us in  your social media or use our lovely hashtags such as: #LadyOfTheLakeSilks, #LotLSilks, #HerRoyalDyeness, #WearItWednesday, #SilkArt, #MinnesotaMade, #Silk, or #HandDyedScarves.